We all give to the causes and communities that we’re most passionate about.

At United Way of Metro Chicago, we’re passionate about our neighbors.

We give to ensure that every person in every neighborhood has access to quality healthcare, well-rounded educational and employment opportunities and basic needs like food and shelter.

What’s your reason for giving?

If you give because you’re passionate about your community, join us in the fight to build stronger families and a stronger, more vibrant Chicago region.

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  • Nicole’s Story

    “The more resources Ashlynn gets gives her so much more of a chance to hopefully walk and be an independent adult one day. And to me, that means the world.”

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  • September’s Story

    “[The Stay In School program] opened my eyes to another world. It’s making me an even more well-rounded person…someone who is also culturally, socially and politically aware of what’s going on in my surroundings.”

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    Check out our volunteer calendar and help our agency partners increase the impact of our work in the community.

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    Check out our Affinity Group and Giving Society pages and choose the group that’s right for you.

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