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Welcome Campaign Leaders


Dear Campaign Leaders,

As the 2018/2019 Campaign Chair for United Way of Metro Chicago, I am excited to thank and welcome you to the United Way team as a Campaign Leader! This year, we’re very excited to offer you new, refreshed tools that will help you facilitate a more effective and successful campaign. As we continue with our Stronger Neighborhoods for a Stronger Chicago Region community impact plan, United Way of Metro Chicago remains more committed than ever to addressing the complex and intersectional issues that face our neighborhoods. We all win when neighborhoods are well-resourced, thriving places for all families across the Chicago region to live. We know that a strong regional economy is grounded in sufficient employment opportunities, quality education and access to healthcare for our residents. We are able to accomplish all of this by working with 175 best-in-class agencies that provide services and assistance in 60 neighborhoods around the six counties.

Bob Sullivan
2018/2019 Campaign Cabinet Chair

Best Practices from Campaign Leaders


Whether it’s your first time leading a United Way workplace campaign or you’re a seasoned veteran, check out the testimonials from current and former United Way campaign leaders to gain insights, tips and ideas to help ensure your campaign is a success.

Campaign Leader: Michael Simpson
Company/Orgaization: UPS
Hear how UPS veteran Campaign Leader, Michael Simpson, has successfully led the United Way workplace campaign for more than 30 years. Topics in the video include:

  • Overview of the UPS/United Way partnership
  • How the local UPS campaign is structured
  • The importance of leading by committee
  • How team members learn about the campaign and get involved with United Way
  • The donation process at UPS
  • The importance of thanking team members
  • Advice for new campaign leaders
  • Other Resources

    • Campaign Toolkit

      The online toolkit is designed to provide you with the resources you need to build a successful partnership with United Way. Below is a link to a menu of support materials that are available to you. Please check back periodically for updated and additional resources.

      Learn More

    • Campaign Leader’s Guide

      The campaign leaders guide offers helpful tools and tips to introduce your colleagues to United Way and maximize your workplace campaign.

      Download (pdf)