A Warm Welcome to Women United!

United Way of Metro Chicago’s Women’s Leadership Council is making a bold change… Welcome, Women United!

United Way of Metro Chicago’s Women United will join a network of more than 70,000 female leaders in more than 165 communities across six countries. This transition will enable the members of United Way’s Women United to maintain a local focus, while also having a stronger global impact.

As an integral part of United Way, Women United tackles systemic problems by empowering women across different industries to join forces in order to leverage ideas, expertise and resources, transforming the very conditions in which people live.

As a Chicago chapter, this group of philanthropic business leaders is specifically dedicated to finding long-term solutions to our region’s most complex challenges – barriers to quality childhood education, limited access to healthcare, housing and food insecurity, and a lack of financial or employment growth.

Most recently, Women United hosted a Mother’s Day event at Westcott Elementary School in our Auburn Gresham Neighborhood Network. The group collected beauty products and helped 50 young students make gift bags for their moms and other important women in their lives. This is just one example of the group’s continued efforts to strengthen community and familial bonds, which are the foundation of strong neighborhoods.

All members of Women United are dedicated to advocating, volunteering and fundraising for the most vulnerable in our community. Through a diverse set of backgrounds and a shared focus on a common goal, they are positioned to create lasting change.

Let’s introduce you to the driving forces behind United Way’s Women United, who are also some of the most dynamic women leaders in business, health and finance in Chicago. 

Interested in joining this group of local leaders in our fight for a stronger Chicago? Click here to donate and become a member today!