YLS “Movie and a Mission” Inspires Young Adults

By Richard Drieberg, YLS Issue Awareness Committee Member, Enterprise Valuation Group More than 40 people attended the event which featured a screening of WAITING FOR SUPERMAN, the acclaimed 2010 documentary focusing on some of the failures of the American public education system. The documentary hones in on a number of public school students from diverse backgrounds and also transformational education reformers such as Geoffrey Canada. While the movie entertained the audience with touching personal stories, surprising statistics, and humorous missteps along the educational reform path, its ultimate message was clear: American public school students deserve a better education than what they are receiving today. To that end, the United Way’s Katie Cangemi followed the screening with an overview of the LIVE UNITED 2020 vision and ambitious goal of helping 50,000 early-childhood and middle school students from under-performing areas succeed as they prepare to take their next step along their education journey. The vision focuses on the two most influential transition periods in a student’s life, and aims to ensure that younger children enter school ready to learn, and middle school students enter high school prepared to succeed and on the track to graduate. The movie’s message resonated and even brought tears to many of the viewers, but the path to ultimate success for the students featured in the film is still in question. The LIVE UNITED 2020 vision will work to make sure so that hard working students throughout the city will get the high quality public school education that they deserve.