Connecting Problems to Problem Solvers – South Suburban PADS and Chicago Area Drywall Finishers

One of United Way’s greatest strengths is our unique ability to connect passionate people to issues in communities that need solving. Because our partnerships reach across businesses, labor unions, individuals, nonprofit agencies and community groups, we can make connections that improve lives and neighborhoods.

Recently, we learned that South Suburban PADS, an organization providing emergency shelter to neighbors in need, was struggling with a mold issue in the basement of their location in Chicago Heights. The mold was making the space unusable, limiting the number of people that they were able to provide a safe place to sleep.

After PADS performed some necessary renovations in their basement, much of the drywall was destroyed. As a result, a huge portion of their shelter space became unusable, which was limiting the number of individuals they could provide emergency shelter to. Through our labor team’s relationship with the Chicago Area Drywall Finishers, they were able to alert the Union to the issue and bring them in to help South Suburban PADS.

Just days after our labor team called the Union, they volunteered apprentices from their program and were at the agency working to repair the problem. After a week of work, the volunteers were able to make the entire basement livable again.

South Suburban PADS is now able to serve all clients in need and the volunteers from the Chicago Area Drywall Finishers were happy to be able to help out in a time of need.