Success Stories: Towannah’s Story

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Towannah didn’t know where to turn. Her husband suffered a stroke and was unable to continue working. Towannah became the sole nancial supporter for her family. One day she went into work—at a job she had for 16 years—and was told they had to cut her position. Towannah was devastated. She hadn’t had an interview in years and didn’t know where to start with her job search. “It was really traumatic when I lost my job, but I knew I had to get busy and work very hard at moving on with my life,” Towannah said.

Towannah began researching programs and found Jane Addams Resource Corporation (JARC), a United Way partner agency that provides job training and related skills training aimed at nancial independence. Towannah was connected with an employment coach at JARC who helped her manage the nances for her family during her job search and worked with her to develop a new resume and practice her interviewing skills. The staff at JARC also supported Towannah throughout her job search and introduced her to various types of jobs that she had never considered before.

Towannah became more confident in herself, her skills and her prospects, and soon after completing the programs was offered a job as a bus operator.

Towannah says her life is completely different. With help, she was able to navigate what could have been a crushing blow. She is con dent and excelling in her new job. She credits her success in her new career path to JARC and United Way.

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