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Charles Success Story

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Charles, a 3-year-old boy enrolled in The Catholic Charities’ Cordi Marian Child Development Center, was diagnosed early on with a speech delay and Erb’s Palsy, affecting movement in his left arm and hand. The staff at Cordi Marian referred Charles to the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) for a case study evaluation, where it was determined that he was eligible for speech & language therapy as well as occupational therapy for his Erb’s Palsy. However, in order to receive the much needed therapy, Charles also required transportation services to and from school—which CPS declared him ineligible to receive.

As a single working parent, Charles’ mother was unable to leave during the day to take her son from child care to his CPS therapy sessions and back again. Without transportation, Charles would not be able to receive care. The staff at Cordi Marian remained undeterred by the initial response from CPS, continuing to advocate for Charles and his mother. When the CPS social worker was unable to help make arrangements, Cordi Marian decided to reach out to the supervisor of transportation at CPS to share Charles’ story and explain how vital these services were for this little boy. Once the supervisor learned about Charles’ situation, he was able to override the previous decision.

Charles now has reliable transportation to and from CPS for his speech and occupational therapy, while also receiving early education and care at Cordi Marian. His mother is able to continue to go to work, knowing her son is getting all the care he needs. The teachers at Cordi Marian Child Development Center report that, thanks to the additional therapy services he’s now receiving, Charles has made significant progress and continues to grow and develop.

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