Success Stories: Nicole’s Story

Download Nicole’s Story (PDF)

United Way has long been committed to ensuring individuals and families have the resources and opportunities to meet their immediate needs. People must first meet their basic needs — food, shelter, safety — in order to focus on future life goals. We know a child has a harder time in school when his stomach is empty, that a woman who is abused at home is more likely to miss work and lose her job, and a family who worries about their next rent payment will likely not access health care.

When Nicole found herself in a desperate situation she turned to Respond Now, a United Way partner. Nicole’s husband is the sole income earner in their family and they were struggling to meet basic needs. Respond Now was able to provide the family with food and clothing. They were also able to provide Nicole with a pair of glasses that she desperately needed. The partnership between Respond Now and United Way is helping Nicole’s family with food and utility bills while they work to become financially independent.

Nicole’s story — and thousands more like it — changed because of people like you.

In 2013, United Way invested $5.6 million in 58 agencies across the region that provide quality basic needs and crisis support. United Way was able to help over 800,000 people in crisis receive emergency assistance in the form of food, shelter, and safety.

Through proven strategies and quality programs, United Way measurably improves lives for individuals, families and our region. Join us, and change the story for those in need in greater Chicago.

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