Success Stories: Judy’s Story

Learning gaps can present themselves as early as 18 months; children from low income communities are particularly vulnerable to starting school behind their peers, and struggling to keep up as they move from grade to grade. Out-of-school time education resources and supports are essential for keeping kids on track.

When Judy’s daughter Miley, turned 2, Judy decided that she might need extra help preparing Miley for kindergarten. She enrolled Miley in programming at Chicago Commons‘ Paulo Freire Family Center in the Back of the Yards neighborhood. At the Center, Miley developed social skills and learned through self-directed discovery. The staff at Chicago Commons helped Miley develop the skills that are key to success in kindergarten. Judy began to see many positive improvements in Miley.

Judy also received support from the Chicago Commons staff. She had regular meetings with the staff members who worked with Miley to hear about her progress and developed. She attended parent workshops and learned how to handle certain behaviors in her children and how to help them with development at home.

Now Miley is excelling in elementary school. Judy has the skills that she needs to help Miley succeed in school and in life.

Judy’s story — and thousands more like it — changed because of people like you.

In 2013, United Way invested $8.1 million in 66 agencies across the region that provide high quality early education and middle school programming to start and keep kids on the right track for successful learning, and ultimately, graduation.

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