Southland Human Services Leadership Council

The mission of the Southland Human Services Leadership Council is to create and sustain health and human services excellence and enhance the nature and flow of resources to people in the Southland community.


Improve the quality of life for people in need by:
  • Creating and enhancing services with connections between and among them
  • Increasing funding to needed services
  • Advancing policy improvements in health and human services
Demonstrate community improvement through measurable outcomes including:
  • Reducing high school dropout rates & workforce preparation
  • Increasing the number of pre-school children prepared for kindergarten
  • Increase the number of beds for both temporary/long-term shelter
  • Decreasing the number of families dependent on government assistance
  • Increasing healthcare provision in underserved neighborhoods

Core Values

  • Community-focused leadership to help the needs of people in Southland
  • Mutual trust and respect across sectors and geography
  • Sharing of resources to improve efficiency and build community
  • Regional identity that is unique and distinct
  • Holistic approach (No social issue is isolated)
  • Improve service and the public good through collaborative efforts

Features of Plan Proposal

  1. Leadership through a coordinating council
  2. Virtual Hub service coordination
  3. Comprehensive Specialists with cross-sector training and specialties: (1) Information and referral specialists, comprehensive specialists for complex multi-need cases, grant research and application specialists (2) Support partner agencies’ capacity to deliver services
  4. Real-time Internet resource with service mapping capability
  5. Volunteer Action Center for Chicago Southland
  6. Coordinated collaborative fundraising and project development
  7. Strong evaluation component to gather data about unmet needs and service gaps
  8. Coordinated social marketing, advocacy, and policy analysis

This plan is an evolving process that needs your input and buy-in for the success of the region. With questions, comments, and to get involved, please email or call (708) 248-7910.

For more information about the Council, visit or via email at