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Meet Our Americorps Members: Angelita Ruiz

Why did you apply to be an AmeriCorps Member? I applied to be an AmeriCorps member because I had to take a year off from school. Last year I was uncertain about my career path and I saw the AmeriCorps Program as a good way to be productive with my… Read more »

Together, We Did It! LIVE UNITED 2020 Goals Achieved!

Together, we did it! Thanks to the dedication and generous support of our agency partners, corporate partners, affinity groups, Neighborhood Network coalitions, volunteers and AMAZING United Way staff and team members, we exceeded our LIVE UNITED 2020 goals--4 years early! You--our friends and supporters-- have been a lifeline, a… Read more »


Why did you apply to be an AmeriCorps Member? I applied to be an AmeriCorps member because its vision and mission strengthens communities and develop leaders. AmeriCorps propelled me to be a change agent for my community. Prior to AmeriCorps and working with the Marshall Square Resource Network, I worked in… Read more »

Spotlight On: Little Village Neighborhood Network

Communities across the Chicago region area are faced with interrelated problems that no one agency or leader can address effectively. Add to that state and federal funding issues and policies that harm the communities most in need of resources, and it makes a the daily reality residents face that much hard… Read more »

Meet Our Americorps Members – Jacquelyn Conard

Why did you apply to be an AmeriCorps Member? I applied to be an AmeriCorps Member to have an opportunity to work in the Austin Community to help make a difference. What Neighborhood Network are you placed with? My Neighborhood Network is Austin working with lead partner Austin Coming Together.… Read more »

Spotlight on Financial Stability

In Illinois, access to sustainable income and socioeconomic resources are critical to the advancement of low and moderate income households. Across the State, 1.2 million people are living below the poverty line and “38% of Illinois households live in asset poverty." In the city of Chicago, neighborhood poverty… Read more »

What’s a Neighborhood Network?

The team at United Way of Metropolitan Chicago had an idea. They already knew that the people best equipped and most dedicated to creating positive change in their communities were the members of the community themselves. They saw that in Chicago, nonprofit organizations and human service providers were already working to… Read more »

The Cicero Neighborhood Network:  The Community Leads, We Follow

Data collection and analysis plays a huge role in creating, shaping and developing strategies and outcomes to solve some of the biggest issues facing our communities.  Data collection and analysis is also an integral piece in creating and successfully achieving “Bold Goals” in each of our 10 Neighborhood Networks.  Often data collection… Read more »

Connecting Problems to Problem Solvers – South Suburban PADS and Chicago Area Drywall Finishers

One of United Way’s greatest strengths is our unique ability to connect passionate people to issues in communities that need solving. Because our partnerships reach across businesses, labor unions, individuals, nonprofit agencies and community groups, we can make connections that improve lives and neighborhoods. Recently, we learned that South Suburban PADS,… Read more »