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100 Women Making a Difference

  Congratulations to the women featured in TCW's “100 Women Making a Difference!” The current issue of Today's Chicago Woman highlights 100 women who are making a difference in their respective fields and throughout their communities. TCW has been publishing this list since 1988 and after 23 years, many of the women are… Read more »

Five Free Things to Visit In Chicago

While Chicago is a beautiful city, it can also be an expensive one. I often decline invitations simply because a night out can cost a fortune. However, $15 movie tickets and $40 per person dinners are not the only options. I began researching fun, free things to do with friends this summer,… Read more »

Txting & Drivng: It Can Wait

Texting takes your eyes off the road for an average of 5 seconds. At 55 mph, that's like driving the length of a football field completely blind[1]. Texting while driving is becoming an epidemic in our country, its negative effects spreading like wildfire. Drivers, especially young drivers, are failing to realize the potential… Read more »

Health-Conscious Vacationing

It's a familiar story. You left for vacation happy and healthy, only to return under-exercised and over-indulged. Your routine is completely thrown off, making the post-vacation homecoming even more difficult. Setting the unrealistic goal to rigidly follow your normal routine while on vacation never seems to work, and setting no rules definitely… Read more »

Rocking out the YLS Year

By: Paul Pabst, YLS Member Development Chair The 2011 United Way Young Leader’s Society Rock Star event was graciously hosted at the trendy, private lounge Star Bar Lounge, located in the Leo Burnett building downtown. It was a very uplifting experience being in a room with so many charitable young activists. … Read more »

When I Walked the Red Carpet with United Way

To me there's nothing more glamorous than wearing stunning designer gowns, beautiful hair styles, perfect make-up and just the right accessory to walk the red carpet in Hollywood. Of course, I've never actually walked the red carpet in Hollywood, but last week, at Northwest Suburban United Way's annual Celebration Lunch, I… Read more »

Chicago’s Pride Parade: We Are All Part of the Rainbow

In preparing United Way for the Chicago Pride Parade, I played with so many streamers, beads and decorations that I began seeing rainbow when I closed my eyes. Truly, what began as an enthusiastic love of color and an extreme excitement for Pride soon became a psychedelic eye test for me and… Read more »

Live United with Pride

United Pride is proud to announce United Way of Metropolitan Chicago's second annual appearance in the Chicago Gay Pride Parade. After a year's worth of hard work improving our organization's culture, practice and relationships, we're ready to celebrate! Pride is a time of year to stand together and commemorate another year of… Read more »

YLS Member Spotlight: Michael Henry

Why did you join YLS, and what is your current role? I joined YLS to primarily get involved in my community, with the added benefit of expanding my professional and social network. I’m currently a Volunteer Committee member and will be the Vice Chair for that committee starting in July.   What is your favorite… Read more »

Join Me In Biking to Work!

This blog was posted on behalf of Sara Brammeier, United Way employee and Bike to Work Week enthusiast! Hi there! I started riding a bicycle soon after moving to Chicago in August of 2008. Until a few years ago I had not ridden a bike since junior high. Now I bike to… Read more »