Organizations We Fund

Our LIVE UNITED 2020 community-impact plan requires collaboration across all sectors–businesses, elected officials, non-profits, academia, the family community, the labor movement, the media, parents and neighbors. By enlisting support across our community, we can accomplish things that no one organization and no individual can accomplish on it’s own.

As part of this network of support the commitment and expertise of our partner agencies is crucial.

United Way Funded Partner Agencies by Impact Area

Education Income Health Safety Net

Agency Partner Awards

United Way partners with 198 of the most effective best-in-class agencies in the region to bring lasting change in the areas of education, income and health and basic needs. We’re proud to honor the following partner agencies for their extraordinary work.

Agency Partner of the Year
Near North Health Services Corporation

Through nine comprehensive health centers, Near North Health Services Corporation provides access to high quality, patient-centered healthcare that improves the health and well-being of the diverse populations and communities they serve. Near North Health Services Corporation has been vital to United Way’s work in healthcare access as a health insurance enrollment partner—enrolling more than 300 people into coverage this year, and through extensive outreach in their community. Near North has embodied what it means to champion a culture of change.

Neighborhood Network Agency of the Year
Austin Coming Together

Austin coming Together (ACT) works to connect and coordinate their partners through a collective impact framework to maximize the human and economic potential of residents and businesses in the Austin community. ACT’s four core focus areas are: community infrastructure, youth (restorative justice), early childhood education and economic development. As the lead agency in the Austin Neighborhood Network , ACT is guiding coordinated strategies in the neighborhood aimed at increasing early learning opportunities for children in low-income households and helping lift families out of poverty.

Education Impact Award
Center For Independence Through Conductive Education

The Center for Independence is committed to improving the lives of children with physical disabilities, recognizing that poverty and a lack of motor skills training can be devastating for a child with cerebral palsy. The Center brings together staff, occupational and physical therapists and assistants, as well as classroom aides to provide a comprehensive program to promote confidence and motivation in every child, so that self-care and mobility skills are achieved to the best of their ability.

Income Impact Award
Sertoma Centre, Inc.

The mission of Sertoma Centre, Inc. is to provide opportunities that empower individuals with disabilities to achieve personal success. Sertoma Centre, Inc. has been a beacon of hope for 45 years and currently serves nearly 1,500 people annually who benefit from developmental training, psychosocial rehabilitation, school transition and job training.

Health Impact Award
Heartland International Health Center

The Heartland International Health Center works to create a “medical home” that meets the diverse needs of high barrier populations who are struggling to find affordable healthcare, particularly the uninsured, underinsured, immigrants and refugees. By integrating medical, dental and behavioral health, HIHC is living its vision to be a national leader in community-based healthcare.

Safety Net Impact Award

WINGS provides housing, integrated services, education and advocacy support to victims of domestic violence and their families. Through a focus on the client’s own goals, WINGS helps survivors access the resources they need to break the cycle of domestic violence.