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Neighborhood Network: Bronzeville

United Way of Metro Chicago - Neighborhood Network Sponsors

The Bronzeville Neighborhood Network community has come together to reduce poverty and violence by enhancing employment and career opportunities, providing trauma-informed family services and improving access to behavioral and mental health care. This work will be complimented by the launch of TURN (The Urban Resiliency Network), which provides counseling and services related to violence and trauma with support of faith leaders across the city.



Launch Date: 2016

Bronzeville Demographics

African American: 82%
Hispanic: 2%
White: 7%
Unemployment rate: 21%
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Bold Goal: To provide 5,000 greater Bronzeville residents with household sustaining jobs by 2027

Our Results

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Our Partners

Lead Partner: Bright Star Community Outreach

  • Centers For New Horizons
  • Chicago Urban League
  • Mercy Hospital
  • Quad Community Development Corporation
  • SECC ( South East Chicago Commission)
  • The Cara Program
  • The Community Builders (TCB)
  • The LUV Institute
  • 741 Partnership

Hubs Of Service

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