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Neighborhood Network: Brighton Park

United Way of Metro Chicago - Neighborhood Network Sponsors

In Brighton Park, on Chicago’s southwest side, United Way of Metropolitan Chicago works with the Brighton Park Neighborhood Council and a coalition of cross-sector partners to strategize around issues, identify resources and implement programs and initiatives to improve lives for community residents. Brighton Park is a fast-growing, largely Hispanic community where 23% of the population lives below the poverty line and there is considerable need for pre-school and other educational resources and support.

Brigton Park

Brighton Park

Launch Date: March 2013

Brighton Park Demographics

African American: 1%
Hispanic: 85%
White: 7%
Median Income: $35,754
Unemployment: 15%
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Bold Goal: Increase High School Graduation Rate from 78% to 90% at Kelly High School.

Brighton Park Results

Our Results

  • Percentage of 9th graders “on track” has grown 6% since 2012
  • 1,074 formerly struggling middle school student on track to successfully transition to high school
  • 40 parent mentors in grade school classrooms
  • Teachers reporting academic improvement from students because of parent mentors in the classroom – 95%
  • 1,604 people connected with a primary care physician
  • 7 health promoters doing outreach and education
  • $1.3 million in tax refunds generated for families

Our Partners

Lead Partner: Brighton Park Neighborhood Council

  • ACCESS Community Health
  • Accion
  • Burroughs Elementary
  • Casa Central
  • Cease Fire
  • Center for Economic Progress
  • Chicago Children’s Center for Behavioral Health
  • Commissioner Jesus Garcia
  • CPS Network 8
  • Davis Elementary
  • Davis Health & Wellness Center
  • Erie House
  • Esperanza Health Centers
  • Gads Hill Center
  • Heartland Alliance
  • Kelly High School
  • La Casa Norte
  • Latino Policy Forum
  • Restaurant Opportunities Center of Chicago
  • Saint Anthony Hospital
  • SGA Youth & Family Services
  • Shields Elementary School
  • Shields Middle School

Hubs Of Service

  • Burroughs, Davis and Shields Middle Schools
  • Kelly High School
  • Brighton Park Neighborhood Council


  • Parent Mentors in the Classroom
  • Volunteer Tax Assistance
  • Early Learning
  • Home Visitation
  • Afterschool Programming
  • Health Promoters

Brighton Park Programs