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Neighborhood Network: Blue Island/Robbins

Neighborhood Network

A new coalition that has just completed the planning phase and recruited agencies to participate in the network. Blue Island/Robbins has created new partnerships with local low-cost food providers. As they start their first year of implementation they are looking to identify food insecure families and develop a plan to alleviate this issue.

Blue Island

Blue Island/Robbins

Launch Date: 2016

Blue Island Demographics

People living below the poverty level: 21.7%
Unemployment rate: 14.5%

Robbins Demographics

People living below poverty level: 30.1%
Unemployment rate: 29.6%
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Our Goal: Reduce food insecurity for 15% of families served by the Blue Island Robbins Neighborhood Network by 2027

COMMON AGENDA: Blue Island and Robbins will become financially, mentally, and physically healthy communities

Our Results

  • Launched Top Box food program to provide healthy, affordable food
  • Hosted Access United information session attended by 20 people
  • Developing community resource system Created new partnerships to expand food pantry and provide healthy snacks in after school program

Our Partners

Lead Partner: Metropolitan Family Services

  • Robbins Park District
  • Oak Street Health
  • Blue Island Community Health Coalition
  • Business & Career Services, Inc.
  • House of Prayer Holiness Church
  • Keller Middle School
  • Mayor Tyrone Ward ( Robbins)
  • School District 130
  • School District 143.5
  • School District 218
  • Minsters Conference of South Cook County
  • SteveTerryCommunity Development
  • NewFriendshipMBChurch
  • TurnerElementarySchool
  • MayorDomingoF.Vargas ( Blue Island)
  • Metropolitan Family Services
  • Grace United Methodist Church
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower High School
  • Alderman Tom Hawley
  • Everett F. Kerr Middle School
  • Alderman Candance Carr
  • Robbins Community Center
  • Paul Revere Intermediate School
  • Hudson Academy of Learning
  • YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago
  • CEDA