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Neighborhood Network: Blue Island/Robbins

Neighborhood Network

The United Way Neighborhood Network in the Blue Island/Robbins community is still in the early planning stage, with the coalition still forming, and community issues and strategies being identified.

Updates to this page will be made as information is available. If you want to learn more about how to support the United Way Neighborhood Network, contact:

Vanessa Waserman
Director of Strategy & Partnerships

Blue Island

Blue Island/Robbins

Launch Date: TBD Fall 2016

Blue Island Demographics

Hispanic: 44.9%
African American: 32.1%
White: 20.9%
People living below the poverty level: 21.7%
Unemployment rate: 14.5%
Residents without a high school diploma: 24.6%

Robbins Demographics

African American: 95%
White: 4.3%
People living below poverty level: 30.1%
Median household income: $21,765
Unemployment rate: 29.6%
Residents without a high school diploma: 24.8%
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Our Goal: Have a common agenda around workforce development.

Our Partners

Lead Partner: Metropolitan Family Services

  • Robbins Park District
  • Oak Street Health
  • Blue Island Community Health Coalition
  • Business & Career Services, Inc.
  • House of Prayer Holiness Church
  • Keller Middle School
  • Mayor Tyrone Ward ( Robbins)
  • School District 130
  • School District 143.5
  • School District 218
  • Minsters Conference of South Cook County
  • SteveTerryCommunity Development
  • NewFriendshipMBChurch
  • TurnerElementarySchool
  • MayorDomingoF.Vargas ( Blue Island)
  • Metropolitan Family Services
  • Grace United Methodist Church
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower High School
  • Alderman Tom Hawley
  • Everett F. Kerr Middle School
  • Alderman Candance Carr
  • Robbins Community Center
  • Paul Revere Intermediate School
  • Hudson Academy of Learning
  • YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago
  • CEDA