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Neighborhood Network: Austin

United Way of Metro Chicago - Neighborhood Network Sponsors

Austin, located on the west side of Chicago, is the largest (by population) of the city's 77 officially defined community areas with 98,514 residents. As a new addition to United Way's Neighborhood Network Initiative, we have core partners engaged, common community goal(s) and strategies identified, work plan and measurements established with a full launch in 2016.



Launch Date: 2015

Austin Demographics

African American: 84%
Hispanic: 10%
White: 4%
Unemployment rate: 22%
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Bold Goal: By 2025, 3,900 low-income children will have Access to high Quality Early Learning Programs & 2,775 residents will attain and retain living wage work


Our Results

  • In the Austin community, 29.7% of 3rd grade students attending CPS were meeting or exceeding state standards for reading.

Our Partners

Lead Partner: Austin Coming Together

  • Austin Childcare Providers Network
  • Be Strong Families
  • Childserv
  • Erikson Institute
  • Mercy Housing Lakefront
  • New Moms
  • Oak Park River Forest Food Pantry
  • Positive Attitudes
  • The McCormick Center
  • Teach for America
  • Community Organizing and Family Issues
  • Bethel New Life, Dominican University
  • American Heart Association
  • Illinois Action for Children
  • Inspiration Corporatio
  • Jane Addams Resource Corporation
  • Manufacturing Renaissance – Project Exploration
  • Safer Foundation
  • The Cara Program
  • St. Joseph Services
  • Westside Health Authority
  • Youth Guidance
  • BUILD, The Peace Corner
  • Westside Health Authority, Rape Victims Advocates
  • St. Joseph Services, Academy of Scholastic Achievement
  • World Vision
  • By the Hand Club
  • Chicago Jesuit Academy
  • Church on the Block
  • Circle Urban Ministries
  • Empowerment Through Education and Exposure
  • Prevention Partnership
  • Salvation Army

Hubs Of Service

  • TBD Fall 2016


  • High quality early learning programs
  • Job training and placement
  • Restorative justice for disconnected and court-involved youth

Austin Programs