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Our Results*

people acquired health insurance
people connected to a primary care physician
youth increased physical activity or consumption of fruits and vegetables

* Cumulative data from FY 2012-2016. Not all unique individuals.

Doctor's Office

The Challenge

For too many people in our region, good health—including access to adequate and affordable health services—is out of reach.

  • Chronic disease accounts for 7 out of 10 deaths in Illinois
  • Cook County ranks as one of the least healthy counties in the state based on length of life, healthy behaviors, clinical care, social and economic factors and physical environment
  • Life expectancy can vary as much as 15 years among neighborhoods in Chicago
  • 10.6% of Illinoisans lack any type of health care coverage
  • 48.6% of Chicago 6th graders are overweight or obese

LU2020 Strategy For Success

Our LU2020 goal was to build healthier, more resilient communities by promoting healthy eating and physical activity and expanding access to quality health care. To achieve our goal, we worked with partner agencies to:

  • Reduce barriers to care and connect more families to health services, a primary care physician, comprehensive mental health services and substance abuse care

    Get Covered

  • Invest in school-based programs that educate youth about healthy behaviors and promote physical activity

For the full story of how we did it, check out our LIVE UNITED 2020 report.

Success Story
Eduardo takes control of his health (click to view video)

Together, We Can Do More

From the city to the suburbs, there is plenty to celebrate and we have so many reasons to be proud of what we have accomplished But, there are also serious issues that continue to affect neighborhoods across the Chicago region we can’t ignore. Even though we’ve exceeded our LU2020 goals in health, the work is not done. We are going to use our proven strategies to continue the fight so that every person in every neighborhood across the region is healthy and active. But, change doesn’t happen alone—we need you.