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United Way and Chicago Public Schools (CPS) are working to connect families to free and low cost health insurance (Medicaid) and other public benefits such as SNAP (food stamps). In addition to playing a key role in leading the enrollment effort, United Way and CPS community partners are also helping families renew and manage their public benefit cases, ensuring that enrolled individuals understand how to utilize their coverage and access care.


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Are you a CPS family in need of health coverage or other public benefits, or have questions about your existing coverage?
Visit for a list of CPS enrollment sites near you. For any questions or concerns, please call 773-553-KIDS (5437).


For a list of additional community sites, enter your zip code below in the Get Covered Connector to find local, in-person help and make an appointment.



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If your life has been positively impacted after having received access to heath coverage through the individual health insurance marketplace or the expansion of Medicaid, please take a moment and share your story


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