YLS Member Spotlight: Laura Perez

How did you become involved with YLS? I joined after attending an Oktoberfest event with a friend. I was struck by how well the event was put together how welcoming everyone was. Had I not signed up, I would have regretted missing an opportunity to become more engaged and involved with my community. What was an experience that really connected you to YLS? I joined the Special Events committee and we were in charge of planning the Annual Holiday Party. We implemented the buddy system, and we were thrilled with the response. The beauty of the buddy system is that we reach out to new or potential members before the event. They are paired up with YLS committee members so when they arrived at the holiday party there was someone to greet them right away, introduce them to people and make them feel welcome. The buddy system engages newcomers right away and allows YLS veterans to extend their network. What is your favorite YLS memory? Without a doubt, it was a volunteer event last year at the Chicago Children’s Museum at Navy Pier. We were there to teach the kids about health and fitness, but it was the YLS volunteers that left with big smiles on their faces. The kids were so enthusiastic and absolutely adorable. Why do you continue to stay involved with YLS? Events like the holiday party and the volunteer events are two of the biggest reasons. These events make me excited to become more involved with YLS, which is why I was honored to accept the position of Chair for the Special Events committee. I look forward to another exciting YLS year. Laura Perez Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago & YLS Special Events Chair

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