YLS Member Spotlight: John Hanley

The people, the leadership opportunities and the vast array of non-profits United Way works with. Those are the reasons why John Hanley is such an active member of YLS. Read on to learn more about John and his role with the membership development committee. Why did you join YLS, and what is your current role with YLS? I joined YLS to be more active in the Chicago community and to meet young professionals who are similarly civic minded. I had volunteered with many different organizations prior to joining YLS and I wanted to take the next step beyond traditional volunteering, and the many facets of YLS offered the options to help me get involved at a greater level. I am currently on the YLS Membership Development Committee Why did you choose your particular committee? I chose the Member Development Committee because it gave me a chance to stretch myself and take on a role that I don’t normally find myself in. I was looking for an opportunity to push myself and gain valuable career skills that weren’t offered in my role at work. Tell us about the next YLS event you are most excited about. The upcoming March Madness event on March 21 is going to be a new format this year based around the Minute to Win It game. It’s going to be a very interactive, fun, and hopefully competitive way to raise money for United Way. There are so many good non-profit opportunities. What makes YLS the right option for you? I think the lead-in answers the question; there are so many great nonprofits out there that I could never choose just one. United Way gives me an opportunity to experience a vast array of unique non-profits; I feel like I get really great exposure and understanding of the issues that face our community. What is you favorite thing about YLS? The people. I’ve met a lot of really great people and gotten to share some great moments with young leaders from Chicago. What would you say to someone interested in joining YLS? Go for it, you won’t regret it. Even small amounts of time or money make a difference to the United Way. The impact you can make in people’s lives is tangible and immediate. What was your favorite YLS or United Way event? The Christmas Party at Kelly Hall YMCA was an amazing event. It’s a huge undertaking and is all done with volunteers; it’s really moving to see the joy and happiness brought to families that truly deserve all of the generosity provided. It was really a very emotional experience to come in and witness the true need that people are facing and to see that need being fulfilled was something I’ll never forget. How did you get introduced to United Way? I was fortunate enough to work for a company that truly embraced United Way and YLS was just a natural extension of the corporate philanthropy. I have since changed jobs, but through YLS I still maintain my connections to United Way. Some fun ones: Favorite TV show? “The Walking Dead” leaves me wanting more every Sunday night Favorite book? “The Crossing” by Cormac McCarthy What are your iPod favorites? Beck and Mumford & Sons right now What is your biggest hobby? Cycling; I used to race in college and plan on getting back into racing this summer John Hanley YLS Member Development Committee Member & Operations Associate, Good Harbor Financial

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