YLS Member Spotlight: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor was an integral part of the YLS Issues Awareness Committee and will take on vice chair responsibilities for the upcoming 2012-2013 campaign year. Read on to discover more about his passion for social change, his favorite Issue Awareness event of the year and why the “Golden Girls” will never go out of style. Why did you join YLS? United Way is an amazing organization with a broad mission that touches a vast array of non-profits and community organizations. I’ve always been involved with United Way, no matter where I’ve lived, and YLS is the perfect way for me to share my time, talent and treasure with an organization I care about. Why did you join Issue Awareness Committee? I’m an advocate for social change and I felt the Issue Awareness Committee was the best way for me to share my passion. There are a lot of issues facing our community and it’s important that YLS members, as the next generation of society’s leaders, are aware and informed about the challenges that await us. It’s important that we learn from the past and present to prepare for the future. Tell us about the next YLS event you are most excited about? I’m looking forward to the Issue Awareness event in August. The event theme is “calories in” and will focus on education and health issues. The committee is hard at work and I have no doubt that it will be an exciting and unique event. What YLS events have you helped plan that you have been most proud of and why? I’ve been lucky enough to help plan all of the Issue Awareness events this year, and they were all fantastic. I’d have to say that I’m most proud of the You Are What You Read: Addressing Early Childhood Education event. What would you say to someone interested in joining YLS? Try it. Come to an event and talk to people. Listen and be curious. It’s the best possible way to find out if YLS is the right fit for you. It’s a chance to support a mission-driven organization and meet people whose goals and values might align with your own. And most importantly, it’s just fun. Now, some fun ones: What is your favorite movie? Clue – An all-star cast and witty one-liners. What more could you want? Favorite TV show? Golden Girls hands down. I’m not ashamed to admit I’m a fanatic. Favorite book? The Once and Future King by T.H. White. I read it for the first time when I was 6 and I’ve read it more times than I can count. Best cultural event you attended? I’d say the combination performance by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Hubbard Street Dance Chicago. What are your biggest hobbies? I still try to do theatre as much as I can so I think I can safely say acting and singing are still hobbies. I do a lot of reading and I love tennis (even though I haven’t played in a while and I’m not sure if I’m still any good). Oh… and eating. I definitely count that as a hobby!

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  1. Seth

    Brett’s right, the GG will never go out of style. YLS Rockstar and WCT 30 Under 30 – go Brett!


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