United Way of Metropolitan Chicago Awarded $1.3M Grant to Assist with Affordable Care Act Outreach and Enrollment

United Way of Metropolitan Chicago (UWMC) announced today it received a $1.3 million grant from the Illinois Department of Public Health to assist in outreach and enrollment efforts for the Affordable Care Act (ACA). UWMC, as one of 44 community-based organizations and the fourth largest grantee from around the state, will be conducting outreach, providing education and facilitating enrollment in the Illinois Health Insurance Marketplace. Enrollment in the Marketplace will begin on Oct. 1, with pre-enrollment activities beginning this summer.

“United Way is pleased to be selected as part of this effort and to leverage our community reach and engagement work,” said Wendy DuBoe, president and chief executive officer at UWMC. “We know there is great need for affordable health coverage across our region and we look forward to continuing our work with key social service partners to educate residents about their options through the Illinois Health Insurance Marketplace.”

The grant aligns with UWMC’s LIVE UNITED 2020 health initiative, which focuses on connecting individuals with preventative health care services. The organization will work with an estimated 25 local partner agencies to connect low-income individuals and families with healthcare options under the ACA. The state grant will help connect people with insurance and reduce barriers to care. It’s estimated that through the grant, UWMC and local community partners will inform 150,000 people about the new healthcare options and will enroll approximately 51,700 individuals.