Partnerships to Promote Financial Stability

“We should collaborate and work across sectors.” How often have we heard speakers tout the importance of collaboration, yet next steps always seem to be a bit fuzzy and ambiguous? This panel will be different. On the morning of June 26, we will be discussing real examples that are working; practical examples that are improving financial stability across the sectors and all across our region. We will be asking questions such as, – “How has your organization created and used partnerships to achieve its corporate responsibility goals?” – “How do you address or handle challenging situations in your partnerships?” In other words, we are asking questions that have answers we can bring back to our companies and agencies; tangible ways to integrate new partners to address real world issues. And while we are at it, why don’t we see if there are ways to help our company expand to new markets? Diversify its workforce? Invest in reconceived products and communities? Companies such as Bank of America, OfficeMax, Sodexo, UPS and Walgreens will also be sharing how they are creating value and finding opportunity while serving our communities. Did you know that in 2010, nearly 1 in 3 people were living in low-income households around the region? [1]. Through long-term, multi-faceted partnerships, we are working to change that. United Way of Metropolitan Chicago is moving ever closer toward the goal of helping 100,000 families achieve economic stability by 2020. To attend as a company representative please RSVP today  or contact Lorena Rutens at 312.906.2244.

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