Tocqueville Society Member Spotlight: Jeff Long, Vice President, Americas, EnerSys

Jeff Long Picture

Where did you grow up and where did you go to school?
I grew up in Lombard. I graduated from University of Illinois in Champaign with a bachelor’s degree and from Cleveland State University with an MBA, while working in that area for Caterpillar.

When did you first realize the importance of giving back?
I was involved in giving back early on. I remember collecting for UNICEF as a kid and being involved in various Church activities helping the less fortunate. I also remember the Community Chest thermometer in the center of our town and understanding what that represented. I was a Big Brother twice while in my 20’s.

Why do you give to United Way?
I give to United Way because it is the best organization for helping to take care of your neighbors in need. I saw that Forbes Magazine just selected United Way as one of the top five “all-star” charities in the country because of being an “efficient group”. United Way is by far the largest charity because people believe in what they do. I see United Way as the steward of giving to help our neighbors. They identify the basic needs in the area, find the agencies that can best meet those needs, operate an efficient campaign to raise money, fund the agencies and then monitor the agencies for performance. No real worry if your money is being used for full value in the community.

How and why do you volunteer with United Way?
The first time I volunteered for United Way was in 1980 in Cleveland, OH. And I have continued volunteering on and off ever since. Currently, I’m on my third year of the board for United Way of DuPage/West Cook and I’m Campaign Chair for the second year in a row.

What are your interests outside of work?
My family is my top interest. Outside of that, I like to golf, travel, and help where I can.

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