The Benefits of 15 Minutes

Every morning I find myself gazing out the bus window, watching all of the ambitious early-morning runners glide by. I vow that tonight I will exercise, I just have to make it through the workday first. However, when the time comes, I am too tired, too hungry or want to watch my favorite show instead. So what is it about exercise that makes it so daunting? For me, I think of a proper workout as taking at least an hour of my time. This means getting up at 6am instead of 7, or arranging my entire evening based on that hour. However, I recently came across an article in the Chicago Sun-Times reporting that even 15 minutes of exercise per day could bring health benefits and add years to your life.
The study found those who exercised just 15 minutes a day – or 90 minutes a week – cut their risk of death by 14 percent and extended their life expectancy by three years compared with those who did no exercise.
While I may not have the perfect exercise routine yet, 15 minutes a day seems plausible with just about anyone’s schedule. Who knows, I may enjoy it so much, my 15 minutes could turn into more.

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