Team United Way Runner of the Week: Angela Hamilton

AH TreadMill

When did you start running?

Coming into this year, I decided to fulfill one of my bucket list items; I chose to run a marathon. In March I began my pre-marathon training and by May I was in full marathon training method. I see more runs in my future, nothing like the Runners High!

Where is your favorite place to run/train?

Chicago is a beautiful city, especially in the spring and summer. The city provides the perfect BACKDROP for running outdoors. I love running across the city, rather it’s running in the park or along the lake front. Each time I lace up to run there is this sense of peace and calmness that consumes me when my feet hit the pavement. The more I run the more I want to run more!

How do you stay motivated while you run?

What keeps me moving is the inspiration and motivation that comes from knowing that I am helping others. I am running, to make a difference in the community to ensure that every person has access to quality education, health care and financial stability.

In addition to that I think about how hard it would be to stop when so many people have donated to a cause on my behalf. I have come too far to quit now!

What’s your favorite pre and post Marathon meal?

I do not have a favorite pre or post run meal. But since I started training, there is a strict diet I follow. During the week I eat Vegan/Vegetarian meals for breakfast and lunch. And for dinner I have fish or chicken with a veggie. On the weekends before a long run I indulge in lots of carbs to give me fuel!

Why are you running for Team United Way?

My decision to partner with the United Way was simple. I wanted to do more than donate money. I wanted to do something that would allow me to fully embody living a life of purpose. Partnering with United Way and raising funds for their 2020 plan provides me with a platform to make a real difference in the Community in which I work and live. “There is no better exercise for the heart than reaching down and lifting someone up” ~ John Holmes

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