Target Morgan Park: On your mark, get set, VOLUNTEER!

“On your mark, get set, GO!” shouted Reid Tetzlaff, Executive Team Leader of Operations at Target of Morgan Park. With this, two teams of children barreled forward struggling to keep a hula-hoop swirling around their waists – one of many inventive twists in this homemade relay race. On Friday, August 17th, employees from Target of Morgan Park volunteered their morning to the help run the Summer Day Camp at the South Chicago YMCA. This day was a special celebration for the kids, marking the last day of camp and the last day of summer vacation. Target volunteers came prepared with jump ropes, hula-hoops, footballs, Frisbees, snacks, drinks, positive attitudes and energy. In addition to their time, Target donated all of the toys they brought. This YMCA Summer Day Camp hosted a total of 83 kids over the course of the summer. In an effort to accommodate all children, navigating state assistance programs is offered to all and families in need are eligible for YMCA scholarships. Running eight weeks, children regularly go on field trips and swimming excursions. The day was filled with sweat, smiles, and well, more sweat. Pictured above is a photo taken at the end of the day, but you can see that energy and spirits are still high as volunteers and kids make funny faces for the camera. South-Southwest Suburban United Way commends the volunteers from Morgan Park for their enthusiasm, attitudes and efforts in making it memorable for children and staff alike. “I don’t get to come out and do this stuff often. So whenever I can, I take advantage of it,” said Tetzlaff. United Way is proud to offer these volunteer opportunities to our corporate sponsors and the community at-large. Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering or visit our volunteer center  website. Post submitted on behalf of Kristen Johnson, Fundraising Intern at South-Southwest Suburban United Way.  

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  1. Rachel Hoge

    This is excellent! When I was at SSW, I volunteered with their employees at a South Chicago YMCA pre-school holiday party – they are such great United Way supporters!


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