Spotlight: Team United Way Runner, John Griffin

As our Team United Way runners continue to train for the 2014 Bank of America Chicago Marathon, we’re sharing their stories with all of you – their supporters! Next in our blog series is John Griffin, United Way’s YLS Executive Chair. Read on to find out why John decided to run for the United Way.

photoWhen did you start running?
– I started running when I first moved to Chicago about 3 years ago. The summer in Chicago and the beautiful trails along the lake drew me in.

Where is your favorite place to run/train?
– My new favorite spot is the Green Bay Trail in Evanston near where I currently live.

How do you stay motivated while you run?
– Listening to great music on my shuffle iPod is how I make through the long runs.

Why did you decide to run for Team United Way?
– I decided to run for Team United Way to connect personal passions (running) with the needs of the overall community. It’s a win win!

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