SPOTLIGHT: Team United Way Runner Alex Murphy

As our Team United Way runners continue to train for the 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon, we’re sharing their stories with all of you – their supporters! Next in our blog series is Alex Murphy, United Way’s Senior Manager of Community Impact – Health. Read on to find out why Alex decided to run for the United Way.


When did you start running? I always liked to run as a little kid and used to race my brother down the block any chance we had (I never won) but started running track in high school after I played softball as an underclassmen on the varsity team and they only put me in to pinch run. Figured I might as well go ahead and do that full time. My dad also used to run marathons competitively which I always thought was so cool and he inspired me to sign up for my first race.

Where is your favorite place to run/train? The only answer is Chicago’s lakefront. But- I also love to run when I travel. I stand firm that running is the coolest way to explore a new town.

How do you stay motivated while you run? Ugh it’s hard. The lakefront is optimal because any time of day there are people out being active and I always find that inspiring, all ages, levels etc.

Why You Are Running For Team United Way This is my first time running for charity and I was inspired by two things 1) the beautiful city and lakefront path that I once again call home and 2) the amazing organization that I am proud to call my employer. I’m running the marathon this year as a challenge to myself but also in support of United Way’s 198 community partners. It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of the UW team.


  1. Berlinda Good

    I’m so impressed how we as parents can lead by example creating healthy habits for our children. Thank you Alex for sharing and I pray that u will continue to be an example to the youth whom you encounter in your life work!!!!! Run Alex Run….

  2. Berlinda Good

    Thank u Alex for sharing this about your Dad…awesome when parents create healthy habits for their children !!!!

  3. Debbie Lynch

    You amaze me every day with your drive to excel. I have no doubt that you will accomplish this goal as you have all the others you have set for yourself!


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