Spirit Day 10.20

In the recent news, Jamey Rodemeyer’s story has been shared frequently due to the tragic nature of his death.   He was an ardent Lady Gaga fan who, as many teenagers do, began to feel out of place.   He questioned his sexuality, felt the pangs of isolation and steadied himself by blogging and creating an “It Gets Better” video. Not without intervention, Jamey still found the bullying too much to bear and took his own life.   Tragically, even following his death, he (posthumously) and his sister have become subject of the bullying.   While attending a school dance she was taunted with jeers that her brother was better off dead.   Even those we have lost are no longer sacred.   How can we see hope in this tragedy?   Watch Jamey’s video.   You can also take action and wear purple! Spirit Day was created in 2010 by Brittany McMillan.   Brittany wanted to bring attention to the bullying and subsequent suicides of LGBT teens so she created Spirit Day.   The purple color in the LGBT flag is a reflection of the spirit of LGBT people everywhere.   Spirit Day is on a Thursday this year, 10.20.2011, and I encourage everyone to wear purple! “It doesn’t matter who you are,” everyone can wear purple — whatever! On the 20th, wear purple shirts, socks, belts, bandanas, pants and anything else you can think of that has purple in it.   If you work somewhere that’s conservative, wear a purple tie!   The point is that you wear purple in such a way that someone comments on or asks you about your attire so that you can bring their attention to bullying and the effect it has on so many teens, whether that be depression or suicide. You can “pledge to go purple” on Facebook and tell your friends. Save a life and wear some purple! If you need help, please contact the Trevor Project for more information.   866-4-U-TREVOR

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