Spin, Spinning, Spun

I have always heard that spin classes were a great way to keep in shape, stay healthy and burn off that unwanted fluff we pack on during the holidays. What I didn’t know was how hard they are. I had recently joined a gym to help motivate myself to work out; I figured if I was paying for it I would be more inclined to go. I started off taking classes such as Pilates, hi/low, and cardio blast and while all of them gave me a great work out, I wanted to challenge myself. That’s when I decided to take my very first spin class. I walked into the class, got on my bike and began pedaling. 45 minutes later I left with shaky legs, so drenched from sweat that it appeared as though I had just got out of the shower. The class was so hard that I couldn’t keep up at all. I’ve never been one to quit so I went again the next week, and the next week, and so on. I’m now able to keep up with little difficulty. It just goes to show, if you really put your mind to something, it can be accomplished and if you need a good work out, take a spin class. Posted on behalf of Jessica Lesniak, Marketing and Communications Specialist at Northwest Suburban United Way. Photo Credit: Janeyesee  

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