Saving on Back-to-School Shopping

It’s that time of year again; a letter has arrived containing a long list of items your children will need for the upcoming school year. While this may be an exciting time, it can be an expensive one as well. So how can you cut costs, while still sending your kids to school with the supplies they need? While doing a little research on the subject, I came across some good pointers on how other parents are saving money this year.
1. It is likely you already have some of the required supplies around the house. There is no need to spend money on items you already own. 2. Some PTA’s sell discounted supplies, check with your local organization to see if they participate. 3. Extreme couponing! Check your local newspapers and magazines for discounts on school supplies.
Want to learn more? Here’s a great article I found containing helpful back-to-school shopping tips.    

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