What it Takes to Restore a City

What does it take to save a failing neighborhood? A question with no definitive answer, it’s being echoed throughout the Chicago area with urgency. With crime rates skyrocketing, home foreclosures booming and record-setting population loss, community activists are left wondering how to save their city. A recent article in RedEye, ‘Englewood: Serious Business‘ reflected on the issues one particular Chicago neighborhood faces. Most recently known as the hometown of NBA star Derrick Rose, many in the area believe positive role models and sports may bring light to the neighborhood. Others argue that education and literacy are keys to a successful revival, as they are the roots of change. What do you believe is the way to restoration for Chicago’s deteriorating neighborhoods? Education, positive role models, a return to family-oriented beliefs or something more?

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  1. Bunmi

    I think a starting point is providing communities like Englewood, sustainable options for economic development. This means finding creative ways to get companies and individuals to bring businesses (which bring jobs) to the community. Arts programs are awesome but another non-profit that employs 5 people isn’t going to bring the stability that the community needs. It bothers me when I see big box companies or new industries going into communities that already have a strong foundation. Someone needs to be bold enough to say, let’s take this vacant building or lot and turn it into a business center or grocery store. Communities thrive on a healthy combination of business, arts&culture, and leisure activities.


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