Q&A with Wendy DuBoe: Staying Healthful

We are a month into 2012 and our New Years resolutions to stay healthy and fit are in full swing. We thought this would be a great time to sit down with Wendy DuBoe, Interim CEO of United Way of Metropolitan Chicago to get her insight on why United Way focuses on health and how staying healthful is so important, not only to you but to our entire community. Q: Why does United Way focus on health & wellness? A: Health and wellness is a key component – some might say the very basis – of the quality of life for individuals, families and communities. Having a healthy lifestyle affects other facets of your life i.e. a good education and becoming financially stable. Q: How will LIVE UNITED 2020 serve the health of our community? A: LIVE UNITED 2020 will connect 200,000 individuals across the six-county region to available, preventative health services. United Way does this by helping individuals in low-income communities’ access primary health services and other forms of preventive care. We also support education programs that help teach preventions of chronic diseases. Q: Why is healthy eating such an important part of a wellness plan? A: What we eat is so important to our health and who we are. Good nutrition fuels a healthy body and the lack of it has the opposite effect. It goes beyond just physical well being, research has linked nutrition to our ability to learn and succeed in school and at work. Q: Why is physical activity such an important part of a wellness plan? A: Our body needs exercise and activity to keep our energy level high, build strong cardio function and also strength, which helps avoid injury. Physical activity also affects our mood. Q: What tips/tricks do you have that helps you stay on track when life gets busy? A: I try to be extra careful about what I eat (and get a lot of protein), sleep as much as I can and work out a lot. To get some R and R, I find reading something completely different than what is currently going on in my life to be very relaxing — like a novel or a biography from another era. Q: What ways can someone get involved in United Way to stay healthful? A: I am very excited to announce two new ways to partner with United Way in the coming months. Our LIVE UNITED 5K on May 5 will help support one of our community initiatives, The Southeast DuPage Health Initiative, for which we’re seeking runners, volunteers and sponsors. We are also recruiting runners to be part of TEAM UNITED WAY for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Registration is now open for both these opportunities. Time to grab those running shoes and RUN UNITED! Stay tuned for our next SPEAK UNITED blog with Wendy DuBoe!

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  1. Darryl Washington


    My name is Darryl Washington and a student at Indiana Wesleyan University working toward my associate degree. I am working on a project about community agencies that aid individuals in developing areas of wellness.

    I have some questions that I need to address in this project:

    What is United Way main mission?
    What area of wellness do United Way help?
    What services do United Way provide?
    What volunteer possibilities exist within United Way?
    How can people locate United Way within our community?

    If you have any powerpoint presentation slides, that would be helpful.

    Thank you in advance,

    Darryl Washington


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