Our Work in Education: United Way of DuPage/West Cook

  Submitted on behalf of Laura Olson, Fundraising Manager at United Way of DuPage/West Cook. This season, United Way invites you to give the gift of education to local school children in our partner agency programs. When you give to New Year. Bright Future., kids 0-5 receive quality childcare, family support and early intervention activities and kids in 6th-9th grade receive the mentoring and tutoring they need to start 2012 off on the right track. As part of United Way of Metro Chicago’s network, United Way of DuPage/West Cook serves an increasingly diverse population in the western suburbs. When you give to United Way’s Education Initiative, kids such as the ones at The Center for Independence Through Conductive Education receive quality care. The Center for Independence Through Conductive Education is a local non-profit program located in Countryside, IL and is funded by United Way of DuPage/West Cook. The goal of the program is simple: to empower children with physical disabilities to learn physical independence. I’ve had the privilege to observe the quality of the program first-hand because my nephew is fortunate enough to receive services through their Conductive Education program. All of the kids who come to the center have some sort of physical disability, such as Cerebral Palsy or Spina Bifida, so the families who are part of the program have some definite challenges they are facing. But when you walk into the center,   the attitude of the staff is so positive and the program is of such high quality that it opens up a world of possibilities for all of the children in the program. Through his participation in the program, I have seen my nephew make great strides in his critical developmental years. He is gaining control of his body while being able to work with a great staff who, I have no doubt, will keep his hopes and dreams alive for a bright future. This year, give the gift of education to kids in your region, like the ones in this program. Visit the New Year. Bright Future. website and give now.

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