Meet Matt Krentz, a 2011-12 Tocqueville Society Chair

Matt Krentz

Senior VP and Director, Boston Consulting Group Why do you give to United Way? I feel that United Way provides a very effective way to fund organizations that are making real impact in the greater Chicago metro area. Many of these organizations are not able to attract the funding needed to fulfill their mission and United Way enables them to reach a much broader audience. I also believe that United Way ensures that my donations are funneled to those organizations that have shown the ability to deliver real results through the rigorous evaluation of impact that United Way does of the organizations that are funded. I feel the LIVE UNITED 2020 campaign has additionally focused on those critical services and neighborhoods most in need of support and channeled those funds to make lasting impact. As a TS Chair how do you educate others on the value of giving to the United Way? Growing up, I remember seeing United Way commercials on TV and never understanding what United Way actually provided. As a TS Chair I try to share the story of what United Way means to so many and the impact that any donation to United Way can have on our community. United Way of Metropolitan Chicago has undergone a transformation over the last 10 years, making it a much more focused and lean organization that has really increased the impact of each dollar contributed. As a TS donor, you can know that your gift will have a significant impact on the lives of those in greatest need and support the organizations that have shown the ability to deliver results, sustaining their outstanding services. What is something that most people don’t know about you? I am one of the few these days that have spent their whole career working with one company. I joined BCG after I graduated from college and am still working here 29 years later! Find out more about the United Way  Tocqueville Society.

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