Join Me In Biking to Work!

Sara on Bike This blog was posted on behalf of Sara Brammeier, United Way employee and Bike to Work Week enthusiast! Hi there! I started riding a bicycle soon after moving to Chicago in August of 2008. Until a few years ago I had not ridden a bike since junior high. Now I bike to work every day (11 miles round-trip) and pretty much everywhere else I go. It was not always this way. When I first bought my bike I rode home from the store on the sidewalks, scared and wobbly. I was nervous I would never gain the confidence to ride on the streets of Chicago. The only time I took my bike out was weekends on the Lakefront Path where I didn’t have to deal with too much traffic. I slowly began testing out smaller side streets and as my confidence began to grow I started taking my bike on short jaunts around my neighborhood. When I started hearing about Bike To Work Week last June I knew it was time for me to try biking to the office. I slowly built up my stamina and confidence and soon my little dabbling became a full-blown addiction. I was having more fun on a daily basis than I had ever had. Since then, I’ve purchased another bike, bicycled through the winter, and made many new friends all while expanding my horizons in the city. It makes me even happier that my fellow United Way employees also are participating in Bike to Work Week this year! If I can do it, anyone can!

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