Homelessness on the Rise for Chicago’s Youth

In the wake of deep budget and program cuts, in conjunction with the current state of the economy, non-profits across the nation are experiencing overwhelming need that many are unable to meet. According to a recent article in Chicago News Cooperative, an estimated 3,000 Chicago homeless youth are in need of shelter each night. However, across the city, only 209 shelter beds are available. In a win that came on Tuesday, the $2.3 million loss in state funding will be restored to provide overnight assistance to the homeless looking for help. It is unclear how quickly this money will be made available, but the intent is to  fully restore the overnight emergency services team, according to Evelyn Diaz, commissioner of the Department of Family and Support Services. This year, United Way of Metropolitan Chicago  allocated $10 million in crisis funding across our six-county region to assist with this type of need.   Specifically, our funding helped  398,290 people meet their immediate needs,  75,251 people receive emergency assistance,  16,000 people enter shelters. Learn more here. Photo Credit: SamPac

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