High Ladders & Sharp Shovels – KPMG’s Day of Caring

KPMG employees preparing Phoebe Hearst Middle School for the new school year.

Over 300 KPMG volunteers flooded through the doors of Phoebe Hearst Middle School on Chicago’s Southwest side on Friday, September 9th. The steady and seemingly never-ending slew of volunteers flowed through the side door of the building into the gymnasium where they were met with their detailed instructions for the day. In a few short minutes, they found themselves teetering on ladders, covered in paint, tearing up sod for a garden, and sitting in tiny chairs behind stacks of children’s books with a long day of hard work ahead of them. There was hustle and bustle in the hallways with kids lining up to leave the building, as KPMG had generously arranged for all of the students to go on field trips during the day to the Lincoln Park Zoo, Field Museum, and Museum of Science and Industry. As the kids shuffled through the hallways in their carefully crafted lines, their big eyes gazed up at the strange surplus of adults, followed by shy waves and curious looks. Little did they know that upon their return from their field trips, their school would look completely different. Newly painted walls in the hallways and classrooms, restocked libraries, brand new book shelves, and freshly dug out gardens in the front lawn were just a few of the new additions brought to the school by the dedicated and enthusiastic work of KPMG, Jane Adams Hull House and United Way of Metropolitan Chicago. Good work, everyone!

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