Health-Conscious Vacationing

It’s a familiar story. You left for vacation happy and healthy, only to return under-exercised and over-indulged. Your routine is completely thrown off, making the post-vacation homecoming even more difficult. Setting the unrealistic goal to rigidly follow your normal routine while on vacation never seems to work, and setting no rules definitely has unsatisfactory effects of its own. So what is the solution? With all of this in mind, I decided to make a list of ‘vacation rules’ for an upcoming weekend getaway. Here’s what I came up with:
  1. Think before you eat. While on vacation, I often find mid-day snacking hard to moderate. However, forced to think about the motive behind my consumption helped keep it in check.
  2. Drink 2 bottles of water per day. I often find myself drinking cans of soda out of convenience while away from home. This vacation, I made sure to bring my reusable water bottle, making water consumption easier.
  3. Eat healthy-naughty foods. I allowed myself to eat the same meals as everyone else, but in a ‘healthier’ version. For instance, rather than smothering a burger in condiments, I ate it with only half a bun, plenty of vegetables and natural seasonings like pepper and basil rather than ketchup and mayo.
  4. Make exercise a group activity. Exercising on vacation can be difficult, especially when it interrupts your day. I made exercise a fun activity by asking someone to go for a morning walk, swimming laps at the pool and coordinating a game of kickball. Making exercise fun, and including others, makes it easier to do!
While vacationing should be a break from the ordinary, it is still important to keep your health in mind. With the help of my ‘vacation rules,’ I was able to return to my everyday routine with ease. Photo Credit: Daniel Morrison

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