Chain Restaurants Adding Healthier Options for Children

With obesity and incidence of diet-related diseases on the rise, parents are left wondering how to protect their children from an unhealthy lifestyle. However, our world is also becoming more fast-paced, leaving parents little time to plan and cook healthy meals for their family. While parents are a major contributing factor of a child’s health, there are others responsible as well. Restaurants, especially popular chain and fast food places, are looking to their menus to help customers make wiser choices for their families. An article in the Chicago Sun-Times reported that many chains are beginning to offer healthier options for kids, including fruit and vegetable sides, lean proteins, whole grains and low-fat dairy. While some may argue that the solution is a healthy, home-cooked meal every night, this is simply not an option everyone. For those whose schedule requires them to eat out, knowing what is in your child’s food is key. Check the restaurant’s website for nutritional information prior to dining, see what the online forums are saying or make small changes such as skipping the soda and ordering low-fat milk instead. Check out this great online resource that offers information regarding the types of foods kids should (and should not) be consuming at popular restaurants.    

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