Budgeting for Results: What it Means for the Non-Profit Sector

John Kamis, Senior Advisor to the Governor presents at the BFR Forum

Everyone understands the responsibility on non-profits to demonstrate returns on investments.  The work we do together in the delivery of human services is an additive to the state, not a burden. As our region’s largest non-government funder, United Way of Metropolitan Chicago has become a leader in the development of outcomes-based expectations of its funded partners. Our comprehensive measurement framework reflects our community-level goals, sets expectations for our funded partners and communicates our value and results to our donors. In much the same way the state of Illinois has now embarked on a process to identify governmental priorities, establish performance measurement standards for its departments and agencies, and be able to communicate its value and results to the taxpayers of Illinois. Illinois is the first state to establish the Budgeting for Results process into law to help government agencies set priorities, meet their goals and deliver the best value of government to taxpayers. In response to that legislation, Governor Quinn established the Budgeting For Results Commission, a blue ribbon panel consisting of key leadership and relevant expertise representing both the executive and legislative branches of state government, as well as non-governmental designees from the corporate, academic and philanthropic communities.  Please see below to download the  Commission’s first report to the Governor and General Assembly. Using this approach, Illinois will fund only those programs that can demonstrate effectiveness and help the State achieve its outcomes and goals. We applaud the State’s effort to impose a more rational framework for establishing spending priorities. However, we also believe that such a process needs to be exercised with transparency and open communication, as well as input and engagement with those directly affected by the changes. This morning, United Way of Metropolitan Chicago hosted a forum featuring John Kamis, Senior Advisor to the Governor, Layla Suleiman-Gonzalez,  Director, Office of Strategic Planning, Preparedness & Performance, Illinois Department of Human Services and  Sen. Dan Kotowski,  State Senator and Chair of the Budgeting for Results Commission. The morning consisted of conversation regarding the effect Budgeting for Results will have on the non-profit sector in Illinois. See below to view this morning’s presentations from  John Kamis   and  Layla Suleiman-Gonzalez. You may also find the recently submitted Budgeting for Results Commission Report.

Budgeting for Results Commission Report Nov 2011

Budgeting for Results- IDHS Perspectives & Implementation

Budgeting for Results- Office of the Governor

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