Become a Volunteer for TEAM JASON

With the regular football season still a few months away, it’s easy to feel like you have nothing to do on Sundays and Monday nights. Thankfully Jason Campbell of the Chicago Bears has good use for your spare time! Campbell is working with United Way’s Education Volunteer Recruiters to recruit volunteers to help cut the dropout rate in half by becoming a volunteer reader, tutor or mentor. Campbell is joined by other college-educated NFL players to make up Team NFL. Volunteering is very important to the communities that United Way serves. For example, when five of the players gathered at United Way’s headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia earlier this summer, they surprised three local at-risk teenagers of dropping out of school. In one case, after meeting the players, a young man decided to stay in school after previously deciding to drop out. The NFL team is leading by example and reaffirming the impact a caring individual can have on a student. Making a positive difference in just one student’s life can change a whole community. As invincible as the Bears seem on the field, Campbell can’t change the lives of thousands of students on his own. Just like he needs his team on the field, he needs volunteers to pledge to join him in local communities. Team NFL is looking to recruit one million volunteers and Campbell is responsible for bringing in some of those volunteers. Currently, Campbell is behind many players including Greg Jennings, the wide receiver on the Green Bay Packers. For years the Bears and the Packers have been battling it out on the field to see who reigns supreme and now Campbell and Jennings have taken it to the schools. We all know how important it is for us to take the lead over the Packers so take a few minutes to make the pledge to help Campbell today! Pledge today! Post submitted on behalf of Katie Doan, Communications Intern at United Way of Metropolitan Chicago.

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