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What if you could mentor a child without ever leaving your desk? What if you could improve a child’s reading scores while on your business trip? What if you could make a child excited about reading, after you say goodnight to your own child? What if I told you there is an easy way to do all that?

United Way World Wide has partnered with in2Books, an eMentoring program, designed to improve reading scores for students 1st-5th grade, and this program is coming to a community near you! Throughout the school year, teachers will build into their curriculum each of 5 topics: Realistic Fiction, Social Studies, Biography, Folktales and Science. From there, students will have the opportunity to select a pre-screened book in that topic at their reading level. After the teacher approves the students’ choice their eMentor (that could be you!) will be notified of the selection. The student and eMentor will both read the book and exchange eletters about what they are reading. Every letter, both to and from the student, will go through the teacher for approval before reaching the recipient.

In addition to the teacher’s review, there are loads of tools to help mentors write their letters and questions to help challenge the students as they read. Plus, there are key vocabulary words that the student will be learning at their grade level that relate to the book they are reading. What could be easier? You read the same book as the student and exchange 2-3 letters about what you are reading for each book. The letters can be written anywhere at anytime, all you need is an internet connection! As an added bonus of this program, the student will keep the book, helping them build their home library and allowing them to pass the books on to their siblings.

If you want to get involved as a mentor, registration is easy (and it’s free!). Visit their website.  While completing all the information, be sure to use Mentor Code: NWSkokie. A standard background check will be completed for each mentor, again student safety is a priority, and by using the above mentor code the $6 fee will be waived. There will be a 10 minute “Mentor Tutorial” and then you just need to wait as you are matched with a student. If you would like more information before (or after) signing up please contact the Northwest Suburban United Way Office at 847-768-1074.


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