Partnerships to Promote Financial Stability: Business Goals, Core Values & Community Needs

In Photo Left to Right: James Epstein-Reeves, Gregg Glotzbach, Brad Seigfreid, Karin Norington-Reaves, Julie Chavez, Vivian Smith-Del Toro, Deb Russell

“More than 1.1 million of our region’s residents are living in poverty. With 65% of the state’s population residing in Chicagoland, it’s important to hone in on how poverty and other related issues are impacting our community members. These issues touch all of us. By bringing our corporate partners together we are able to share cross-sector collaborations that address critical gaps, trends and opportunities within economic stability here in our region.”- Wendy DuBoe, President and CEO of United Way of Metropolitan Chicago. On the morning of June 26, influential community members from top corporations and government agencies gathered to share the importance of aligning core values and business goals with the needs of the community, like the need noted above. Panelists discussed solid examples of such collaborations that are improving financial stability across sectors and our region. Attendees and panelists had the opportunity to discuss core issues and share ideas including creating and using partnerships to achieve corporate responsibility goals, coping with challenging situations in these partnerships, as well as diversifying their workforce. Audience members, consisting of a variety of representatives from companies and agencies around Chicagoland, were able to relate these question back to their own organizations and left with tangible ways to integrate new solutions to address real world issues. Through long-term, multi-faceted partnerships, we can work together to create lasting change and  move ever closer toward our goal of helping 100,000 families achieve economic stability by 2020. Thanks again to the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership, Bank of America, OfficeMax, Sodexo, UPS and Walgreen’s for sharing how they are creating value and finding opportunity while serving our communities. To for more information on how YOU can get involved in this transformational work please contact  Lorena Rutens at 312.906.2244.

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