Public Policy Agenda

United Way of Metro Chicago advocates at the federal, state and municipal level for the appropriate funding and policies that protect the non-profit sector’s capacity to advance the common good. Along with our sister office United Way of Illinois, United Way of Metro Chicago has established engagement strategies that reflect our work within the areas of education, income and health. United Way’s public policy agenda is focused on building the state’s vital public infrastructure in order to support stronger, more vital communities.

Illinois State Budget Survey

The survey of Illinois human service agencies was conducted in December 2017, six months after the budget impasse ended. The results indicate that the ripple effects of the July 2017 state budget are complex, and that the impact of the budget impasse continues to be felt.

The July 2017 state budget still poses a financial threat to human services agencies that continue to face reductions in funding. Agencies may be in better shape, but future threats to funding could have a devastating impact. Click below for more results from the survey.

Download Survey Results