Public Policy Agenda

United Way of Metro Chicago’s public policy agenda reflects the work of United Ways across the state in the areas of education, income and health. Additionally, United Way advocates for sound policies affecting the non-profit sector’s capacity to advance the common good. United Way of Metro, along with our sister office United Way of Illinois has established engagement strategies within each of the below areas.


Take 30 seconds. Take a stand. Join the Fight for Health Care Access.

This is not a health insurance issue. This is a health justice issue.

New ACA repeal efforts have quietly sprung up and are moving forward at an alarming pace right this second.

This new bill, known as Graham-Cassidy, will:

  • Undermine consumer protections for people with pre-existing conditions
  • End the financial assistance that helps low-income families afford health insurance
  • Do irrevocable damage to the entire Medicaid program through massive federal funding cuts that could cost Illinois as much as $18 billion over the next decade
  • Reverse Illinois' historically low 6.5% uninsured rate
  • Kick over 637,000 low-income Illinois residents off of Medicaid by 2020

The harm these measures would do to communities across our region cannot be overstated.

Know that we are doing everything we can to fight this, but we can't do it alone.

We need your help.

Here are 2 things you can do right now:

  1. Take 30 seconds to call Governor Rauner's office. Why Governor Rauner? Because Republican governors across the country have proven to be crucial in building opposition to ACA repeal efforts, but Gov. Rauner has stayed silent thus far.
  2. Get the word out to your family and friends in other states to make sure they are calling their elected officials too. Every voice matters in this moment. This bill poses a threat to every individual in every state across this country.

The only way we win this fight is if we stand united.

Untied we fight. United we win. Live United.



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