LIVE UNITED Neighborhood Network

United Way of Metropolitan Chicago’s LIVE UNITED Neighborhood Network takes community change and impact to the next level. Working with a lead partner in the community, United Way organizes and integrates a network of resources in education, income and health in a central location, usually a school, in one of our 58 communities of greatest need. This model allows families to access the necessary mix of quality programs under one roof.

United Way brings together agency services, financial support, expertise, volunteers and corporate partners to improve the educational achievement, financial stability and health for people in need.

Brighton Park LIVE UNITED Neighborhood Network

Community Profile: Second fastest growing community in the city of Chicago (pop. 45,368), predominantly Latino; a 235% increase in the number of children living in poverty from 1990-2005

Neighborhood-Specific Solutions: Working with Lead Partner, Brighton Park Neighborhood Council, and convening a coalition of partners such as local schools, non-profit agencies (Gads Hill, Heartland Alliance, SGA Youth Services, Center for Economic Progress), parents, legislators, and businesses to address community issues


On-Site Resources for Students and Parents

Community Schools: A range of on-site community programs and services that support the success of students and their families are provided through three schools (Burroughs, Davis, Shields Middle); Over 400 students are served through the Community Schools programming; 93% of which were promoted on time with satisfactory attendance; Community Schools serves as hubs for the Neighborhood Network.


Parent Mentors: Parents promote academic success by providing in-class assistance to teachers. Parents also receive training and stipend. 32 parent mentors have been hired and are working with over 500 students; Mesirow Financial is supporting this program financially and providing employee volunteers within the schools.

Health Promoters: Parents receive training and are employed to promote healthy eating and exercise behaviors; 4 health promoters hired and have conducted over 24 workshops with 150 participants.

Tax Assistance: No-fee preparation services; generated $140,000 in tax refunds for 70 families.

Future LIVE UNITED Neighborhood Networks

UWMC is committed to expanding the LIVE UNITED Neighborhood Network model to more of our 58 partner communities to provide an intensified level of support and accelerate sustainable results. 12 communities (5 suburban, and 7 city) are currently in the proposed Neighborhood Network pipeline.


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