Live United 2020

The Need Is Great

In the midst of a time when foreclosures, high school drop-outs and lay-offs have become a societal norm, the call for change is great. We know our community’s basic needs are endangered and we are all more vulnerable to the detrimental effects of poverty.

Locally, only 80% of suburban students and approximately 60% of Chicago Public School students graduate from high school. One out of seven Illinoisans live with incomes below the poverty line, and chronic disease is responsible for 56% of deaths statewide largely from premature, preventable heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

But what would happen if families had access to reliable health care, kids received a quality education and individuals had the job they needed to become financially stable? How would their lives be different? How would our communities change?

Our Work

Through our community-impact plan, LIVE UNITED 2020, we aim to be the difference and lead the change in local communities needing it most.

To accomplish this, we are focused on the three fundamental building blocks that allow individuals and families to move beyond poverty to a better quality of life: a good education, financial stability and access to quality health care. Together, those building blocks create a sturdy foundation for not just one individual or family, but an entire region.

By 2020, this community-impact plan will:

  • Help 50,000 underperforming middle school kids enter high school ready to succeed
  • Advance economic stability for 100,000 households
  • Connect over 200,000 people with available, preventative health services
  • Answer the immediate crisis needs of 1 million people every year

Our Results

  • 19,330 middle school students on track to graduate/promoted to next grade level and 20,631 children ready for kindergarten
  • 49,380 households improved economic stability
  • 123,437 people connected to a primary care physician
  • 798,512 people in crisis received assistance annually

Together, We Can Change The Story

Achieving this change takes a broad movement of people, leveraging our time, our collective voice and our resources. Together, we can change the story for more than one million people across our region.

LIVE UNITED 2020 is something for Chicagoland to get behind action in the midst of challenge. But real change can’t happen without you.