Increase High School Graduates

Children enter kindergarten with the appropriate academic and social foundation; middle school students enter high school on track to graduate.

Our Goal

Help 50,000 underperforming middle school kids enter high school ready to succeed

Our Strategy

To achieve this, we are focused on parental engagement, wraparound supports inside the school and academic reinforcement for at-risk children and youth. Ultimately, we will ensure children ages 0-5 enter kindergarten ready to learn, and middle school students transition into 9th grade prepared to succeed in high school, through two key interventions:

  1. High-quality preschool and home visiting services
  2. Middle  schools that serve as a community hub through a range of coordinated, on-site programs reinforcing academic achievement including: mentoring, tutoring, theatre and sports

Our Results

7,500 middle school students ready for high school success; 92% of these students were promoted to the next grade level.

10,177 kids ready for kindergarten

95% of families of preschool children and 84% of families of middle school children reported feeling more confident to support their children’s learning at home.

Results based on 1 year period

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